Authors Program

Join the Affiliate Program
By joining the program you will be paid on each order that comes from your site through a valid affiliate link. That is on top of any royalties you may already be receiving from the sale of the book. Also, has millions of products that are also eligible for the commission – so not only will you earn a commission on your book, you’ll also earn commissions on any other products purchased by customers who arrive from your site.

How does the application process work?

To join the program you need to be a member of the Linkshare network. Should you not be a member yet please click here.
If you are already a member of the Linkshare network please email us at with your Linkshare SID and Site url and request a private invite to join our program. The sign up process is easy and if you will be notified fairly quickly if you are approved to participate in the program.

How can I sell my book?

There are a number of tools to use to sell your book. You can select it from the datafeed, use our API, set up a tracking link through your linkshare tool or, if you are a blog, use the Linkshare WordPress Plug In.
The Plug In will help you easily select your title while you are in the middle of writing your blog and post it with ease. Check out the plug in here.

Do you pay commission on ebooks and NOOK?

Absolutely! You will be provided with 4% commission on ebook downloads and NOOK ereaders purchased through your affiliate links.

How do I know how many sales I am generating?

When working with through Linkshare you will have access to a reporting dashboard, via Linkshare, that will provide you with all your most recent sales data. It will let you know what products you sold, how many you sold, how much money you drove amongst other valuable program data.